An expat life ;

          A life being an expatriate is full of adventures, challenges, fear and loneliness to overcome even though  there is always a barriers of being an expatriate, expat life can be exciting and challenging to start a new life with. it will give you an advantage and glamorous experience, especially to those who have never been traveled abroad. ‘being one of an expatriate there is always up’s and down aspect of being an expat  even though not just an expat. it is normal for us, without up’s and down people won’t grow and learned a lesson. all we  have to do is .. be strong and never give up , remind  your self why are you here? be prepared, be open-minded,  learn willingly about the languages, tradition, customs and the culture’s. becoming a part of another culture is quite unique experience. live a life and continue what you want to be either its way harder, you need to cope up with it because these is the path that we choose. even though there’s a difficulties attitude towards sexuality and religion is a big issues,  there is communication problem dealing a local people without you knowing about their language is harder to deal with. those difficulties that you’ve been encounter it will makes you a better person. expat life isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone but even with all of those challenges , i wouldn’t change my expat experience for anything because it makes me become a stronger, believer and flexible person . 


life , living abroad;

Moving abroad is not easy as simple as you think? people think  that way but the real struggle is ; 

            facing new challenges – facing those new challenges is a must when your living abroad it will help you to grow and develop as a person. 

            New life style –  coping up with a new lifestyle is a very important matters it may not be  the same life style that you have back in your homeland but you can cope up with it later.

            Learning Language deferentiation- finding the right word when asking a direction there’s always a moment of distress and simplest task will become a huge challenge ,the best option is  learning a local language it’s a big help for an expat it will give you an advantage when interacting with the locals. 

Embracing Cultures, Beliefs and Values – locals and expatriates  having a differentiate when it comes to cultures , beliefs and values all you have to do is embrace and respect them fully,  be humble  with the locals people may or may not rude.
           Laws – the most important is obey the laws and rules that they have it will make you safe and welcomed. 

           home sickness – you will miss those little things that you never thought you’d miss. fight the homesickness that you feel thats the best thing to do when your living abroad. 

Living abroad is a life changing trips dealing with the unexpected , opportunity to learn and develop that will profoundly change your life as a person. its tough but its worthy. 

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